Australian Global Education Consultancy is a leading education consultancy that is dedicated to helping international students achieve their academic and career goals. We offer a wide range of courses in various fields of study, including Engineering, healthcare, Business, Tourism and Hospitality and more. Our team of experienced consultants provides personalized assistance to students in securing their visas and navigating the application process. We strive to make the visa process as smooth and stress-free as possible, ensuring that students can focus on their studies and future careers.

In addition to education and visa services, Australian Global Education Consultancy also assists students in finding part-time jobs and internships during their studies in Australia. We are committed to providing comprehensive support to students, helping them make the most of their educational experience in Australia.

We have successfully placed over 2000 students into their dream destination course.


Our Vision

Help the nation with assisting the students in higher education and career


Our Mission

Make the dream of people and student true with connecting them the entire global educational and working.


Our Philosophy

Our activities also incorporate guidelines of English UK. In addition to the professional code of conducts, we observe ethical, moral and personal values to maintain high standards in work.

Our Teams


Manbhir Singh

Senior Consultant

+61 420402142


Ir. Nana Saragih

Indonesia Representative

+65 66909266


Puja Gemilang

Senior Recruiter (Europe)

+49 1525 8111115


Ekaprasetya Artha Kencana

Finance & Admin

+49 1525 8111115

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